Starting out small with running some basic stunt and rigging equipment from the partners' home garages, this dynamic team that offers professional service and complete commitment to each and every production quickly saw Pyranha Stunts grow into one of the biggest and most sought-after stunt companies in South Africa. Today, although Cape Town based, Pyranha Stunts works both nationally and internationally, providing professional stunt teams, rigging and all related equipment to the Commercial, Television and Feature Film industry, while their sister company Switchblade similarly services Reality Television productions.

A firm belief in remaining cutting edge has Pyranha Stunts consistently involved in developing and investing in the latest equipment - ranging from cable cams to fully programmable winches and a wide variety of camera gear. This pioneering spirit combined with the emphasis placed on the importance of teamwork and a commitment to excellence embodies what is at the core of of our company.


The member's of PYRANHA STUNTS, see below, form only a small part of what the company has become.

We all know that you are only as good as your team and with this in mind, we have a comprehensive data-base of the top stunt crew in South Africa.